01 May 2010


Here I wanna share the experience of giving birth to my 1st child. Well, I was expected to deliver my baby on the 15th of August 2009. Yet, during my last check up on the 40th week, my baby was still sleeping happily in my womb..(the fat layers I had that time must be so thick and sooooo comfortable eh..hee..). The gyne, Dr Fatimah, was not happy with this cause late delivery can risk the baby's life (after 40 weeks, placenta's efficency reduce). She thought of inducing me on the 17th. But since I was scared to be induced, I didn't admit myself..muahahaha..lariiiiii...

Can't lari forever maaa..on the 18th I was admitted to Hospital Pakar An-Nur, Bangi. Since the 'door' refused to open naturally, I was induced..and this is when a real test for a mother starts...not even an hour after been induced, I started to experience contraction. OMG...in my whole life, I never had felt such a pain like that. As the time passed, my body started trembling in pain, and I can see my hubby frowning as I was holding his hand sooooooo hard and even harder at certain 'big contractions'. About 6h after that, we had a bad news from the Doctor...no cervical dilation at all..Doctor gave me drug to let me sleep but I can’t sleep at all.

19th August 2009, 6 a.m, again I was induced. This time it worked, 2.5 cm dilation. Doctor recommended for epidural since I’ve been struggling through pain since the last 24h. Without any single bread went inside and not been throwing out, without seconds of a nice and tight sleep..I was so pale and weak. Then another labor induce I had, this time was oxitoxin..after that I was left to rest. Around 4.15 pm, I could felt something is coming out (I think the epidural was only partial dose maybe, cause I started feeling the ‘sensation’ of giving birth). Never had any antenatal class before, I was struggling to push out the baby. I tried to push more than 10 times…failed.. and I almost gave up. I cried a lot, feeling like a loser. I know I must push my baby out of my womb ASAP to avoid the consequences of lacking oxygen but it was so hard. Suddenly Dr Fatimah came in with a smile on her face and I could heard her saying “u boleh Hidayah..jgn nangis..tengok baby nak keluar dah jumpe mummy dia”. Then she asked me to hold my breath then push my baby with all my strength while looking at my tummy at the same time. It worked!! Once I heard the Doctor said “Assalamualaikum..” to my baby, I release the side bars of the labor bed which I was holding so tight during the labor time and collapsed..

Almost 40 hours in pain, no meal, no sleep + vomited more than 4 times..and collapsed for a few minutes..I woke up to see a lovely little baby besides me. For the first time in my life, I learned the true meaning of LOVE, JOY and HAPPINESS..(“,).

This is my historical moment...what about yours?

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